Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Final Girl

That’s right, you lucky people! Two new releases in the same month! In addition to Coffee at Midnight, my fifth novel, The Final Girl, is now available from Thunderstorm Books in a beautiful limited edition that is not only hardcover, but leather-bound! Only a 66-copy run, so you’d better snatch one up while you can!!!

I’m incredibly proud of this book and can honestly say I had more fun writing it than any other. Why? Because it deals with one of my favorite things in the entire world: sleazy low-budget horror flicks! As my second novel, Splattered Beauty, was an homage to the ladies who front these features of fright, this book is an ode to the films themselves. There are tons of little nods and tributes to my many favorites that only devoted fans of splatter cinema will have the ability to detect. Read on for the full synopsis...

The Colonial Theater, a single-screen movie house on the edge of town, is holding a special midnight screening of a brand new splatter flick. But before the opening titles make it to the screen, the popcorn-laden aisles run red with blood as a masked killer begins slaughtering the moviegoers with the aid of a spiked meat tenderizer.

Among those filling the torn seats: a movie blogger in search of fodder to appease his limited readers, a victim of a recent betrayal who’ll do just about anything for an escape from a home she no longer feels welcome, a fugitive on the lam looking for sanctuary from the city streets, and a pair of post-adolescent twins who’ve managed to creep into the theater unseen.

After a full ninety minutes of bloodshed both on and off the silver screen, only four patrons remain. Four patrons who discover that the doors have been locked and the only way out is inside a body bag.

An edge-of-your-seat nail-biter of a thriller, The Final Girl will fill your restless night with a bloody horror show and keep you guessing until the very last page. 

As previously stated, this is a special edition that is available in a limited number of copies, so hurry on over to Thunderstorm Books before they’re all gone! Also, my brand new collection, Coffee at Midnight, is available in paperback and Kindle editions from!

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