"[Brandon Ford] has created a well crafted story that hails back to the old horror/thrillers of the late seventies. All in all a very enjoyable read and I can’t wait to see what [he] does next."
--Garry Charles, author of Hammerhead: A Summer of Massacre

"Crystal Bay is Brandon Ford's debut novel and what an introduction it is! It is a far better book than the average first novel. He shows a lot of maturity and avoids many of the trappings of a first novel. There are echoes of Richard Laymon in his writing, but Brandon's voice is very much his own. His dialogue is sharp, the tension constant throughout, and the few characters we encounter are very credible. Crystal Bay is a strong debut, one which I highly recommend. It is the perfect summer read."
--Alan Draven, author of Bitternest

"Ford shows a knack for setting suspense. He writes well, with an engaging voice, and he's a promising new talent..."
--Kevin Lucia, author of Higher Education

"It’s hard to come up with a really great villain these days. Count Dracula. Hannibal Lecter. Lady Macbeth. All the good ones have been taken. Meet Alyssa Peyton, dangerously deranged diva of Brandon Ford's Splattered Beauty. During the current onslaught of misogynistic snuff and slasher bilge, how nice to discover a novel that stands those recidivistic conventions on their heads … while offering all the sneaky thrills of the pulpiest of pulp fiction. Bosoms heave, knives lash out – all of it somehow absolutely delicious. Fasten your seatbelts! As brimming with noir psychological complexities as any giallo, this affectionately lurid homage to scream queens drags the reader along on one hell of a bumpy ride."
--Robert Dunbar, author of The Pines

"I hold [Brandon Ford's] storytelling in high esteem. Solid characterization and a plot that moves, flows, and keeps you reading. He can certainly take a story formula and tweak it to the extent that it's original because his writing is original, and in this business, that's part of the battle. In a world where originality is lacking, it's nice to see a good writer flexing his muscles. I expect to see Brandon Ford win awards and go far."
--Nicholas Grabowsky, author of Red Wet Dirt

"For the 'splatterpunk' or horror fan looking for a good fix in the fine traditions of Jack Ketchum and Richard Laymon, this is just what the doctor ordered. Ford has a knack for good prose and interesting character backgrounds, really taking you inside the emotions his creations are feeling. Brandon Ford is one to watch- a burgeoning master of crimson escapism!"
--Tim Ritter, author of The Hammer Will Fall

"With the deft hand of a puppet master, Brandon weaves a story populated with characters that leap off the page and a series of events that escalate into an explosive finale. Splattered Beauty is a character-driven novel; a tight book that provides a multi-faceted exploration of its protagonists."
--Alan Draven, author of Bitternest

"Disturbing, bloody, and vicious. Pay Phone is not for the weak-hearted..."
--Scott A. Johnson, Dread Central

"Pay Phone unfolds at a breezy pace with great rhythm and without wasting a single word. The characters are all very realistic and their dialogue rings true. Even minor characters like the landlord were well fleshed out. It becomes clear the farther we get in the story that we should brace ourselves for a bloody finale. And the climax doesn't disappoint one bit. A brisk read and a well orchestrated work of death and danger, Pay Phone delivers the goods in spades."
--Alan Draven, author of Bitternest

"Pay Phone was a nice little surprise. A wildly entertaining nail-biting thriller with some scenes that are sure to make even the most ardent horror fan gasp. Brandon Ford might just be the future of great horror!"
--Garon Cockrell, Pop Culture Beast

"Will have you referencing numerous horror flicks, especially those of the grindhouse era. Harks back to an earlier, more homicidal, dilapidated view of New York City. It's a very gritty, fear-ridden (and in many ways claustrophobic) book. [Ford] has an obvious gift for dialogue and compact scene construction and the narrative moves at a brisk pace."
--Richard Perez, author of Permanent Obscurity

“Compelling, intelligent, and altogether chilling, Pay Phone solidifies Brandon Ford as a classic, distinctive voice in a world flooded with menial dark fiction!”
--Andrew Wolter, author of Nightfall

"[Ford's] skill grows with every outing and you want to start following him now, as PAY PHONE is a surprisingly moving novel staking out his way forward. It's horrors lie in our mundane reality and that's more than good writing. The inevitability of events in PAY PHONE make it almost downright dangerous. There's nothing fantastical here, but this novel harbors a monster, the one who may be next door. You won't be able to stop reading. I can't recommend it highly enough."
--Jay Kulpa, Big Lug Land

"Truly terrifying and chilling down to the bone. This one comes highly recommended."
--Ed Demko, Bloodtype Online

""[Brandon Ford's] ability to create rich, textured characters and set up a creepy atmosphere is second to none."
--Scott Shoyer, Anything Horror

"Gruesome revenge, delightfully twisted circumstances, vicious irony... Decayed Etchings is worth a read."
--Morgan Elektra, Dread Central

"[Decayed Etchings] delves deep into dark heart of humanity. The book contains 18 edgy stories, each more brutal than the last. Ford manages to thrill even hard-core horror fans. It packs an emotional wallop!"
--Amy Grech, Crimson Screams

"Decayed Etchings is without a doubt one of the best collections of stories I've had the pleasure of reading. Brandon Ford is definitely making himself known as one horror writer to keep an eye on. He brings chills and violence that will satisfy even the most die hard horror fan."
--Garon Cockrell, Pop Culture Beast

"Ford writes in the fine traditions of his inspirations--late author Richard Laymon and cult favorite Jack Ketchum. Each story [is] a page-turner, one where you want to find out how it ends and what he has up his sleeve next."
--Tim Ritter, author of The Hammer Will Fall

"Brandon Ford’s first collection is a strong one that will make you smile, laugh, look over your shoulder on the street, fear strange noises at night, but most of all, it will entertain you."
--Alan Draven, author of Bitternest

"You'll be amused, shocked, and satisfyingly haunted..."
--Thom Riddell, WebbWeavers

"Disturbing... Horrific... Sadistic... A gore-soaked blood-fest."
--Amy K. Marshall, Dark River Press