Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"The Facility" -- Finally Available in Paperback and Kindle Editions!

Originally published by Thunderstorm Books in dual limited edition hardcovers, The Facility is finally available in paperback and Amazon Kindle editions (guess the post's title already spelled that out, huh?). Featuring amazing new artwork by Amy Chisman, who leant her incredible talents to the paperback/digital editions of Open Wounds and Coffee at Midnight, The Facility is a bit of a departure from my usual works, as it delves deep into some pretty dark themes. Check out the full synopsis below:

A picture-perfect life is shattered when Holly Vogel discovers her husband has crossed an unthinkable line—with their five-year-old daughter.
She immediately takes the child and flees, closing all communication with a man now seen only as a monster.

Reeling, Holly wrestles with innumerable possibilities. She can’t bear the thought of putting her only child through a lengthy trial. And though he’s committed an unforgivable sin, she can’t escape the love she feels for the man once seen as her one and only.

Scouring the Internet for answers, she happens upon a website claiming to be the answer to all her prayers. A website created specifically for women in the same or similar situations. A website known only as...The Facility.

To nab your copy, please visit the following links and don't forget to leave a few words in the review section!

“Brandon Ford dazzles yet again by taking what would be someone's worst fears and making them infinitely more terrifying. The Facility is another in a long line of pure great horror. Ford is the real deal.”
—Garon Cockrell, Pop Culture Beast

The Facility is a brutal, gory tale of twisted love. Another great work by Brandon Ford.”.
—Sheri White, Horror World

“Written with such brilliance... Twists and turns you won’t see coming...”
—Tina Marie, Tina’s Bookshelf


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